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      QT4-18S (QT4-20 Automatic) Hydraulic Cement Block Production Line with price


      Introduction of QT4-18S (QT4-20 automatic) block production machines:

      Item  No.  NameFunction
      HJQ500 Mixer (One bag cement)Mixing cement, sand, stone powder, flyash.... produce concrete         
      GBelt Conveyor (6m)
      Transfer concrete to block machine material hopper

      QT4-18S Automatic Hydraulic Block Machine        

      (QT4-18S also called QT4-20 automatic)          

      Produce concrete blocks bricks
      BHydraulic Station (7.5kw)Supply hydraulic pressure to oil cylinders of block machine
      CAutomatic PLC Control BoxControl block machine work automatically

      Color Feeder Machine (Optional)Put color face on surface of paving bricks
      DBlock ReceiverDelivery out fresh blocks bricks from block machine to stacker
      EStackerStack 3-4 pallets fresh blocks automatically
      FManual TrolleyCarrying pallets blocks to curing area


      Technical Information of QT4-18S Automatic hollow blocks brick making machine:

      Model No.                                                                 QT4-18S (QT4-20 Automatic model)                                                              
      Forming Cycle18-20 Second
      Vibration Frequency
      Vibration Force
      Pallet Size880-550-20mm
      Total Power28.75KW (Hydraulic Station motor 7.5kw; Vibration Motor 3.5kw)                          
      Workers3-5 workers
      Workshop Size (Min.)15m Length, 4m Width, 4m Height
      Block Machine Size3800mm(L)-1950mm(W)-2350mm(H)
      Host Block Machine Weight2800 KGS
      JQ500 Mixer Capacity
      500L (One bag 50kg cement mixing a time)

      Production Capacity of QT4-18S Automatic hydraulic cement french hourdis block machine:

      GiantLin QT4-18S automatic block machine has different production capacity for sizes of blocks, paver, curbstone, hourdis. 

      The following production capacities are for some popular sizes of blocks, bricks, hourdis and interlocking pavers.

      Item No.    Block SizeProduction CapacityBlock Photo

      Hollow/Solid Block

       400-200-200mm (8 inch)       

      4 blocks in a mold

      800 blocks per hour;  5760-6400 blocks per 8 hours 

      solid block        3 holes hollow block

      6 inch hollow blocks


      Hollow/Solid Block

       400-150-200mm (6 inch)

      5 blocks in a mold

      1000 blocks per hour;  7200-8000 blocks per 8 hours 


      Hollow/Solid Block

       400-125-200mm (5 inch)

      6 blocks in a mold

      1200 blocks per hour;  8640-9600 blocks per 8 hours


      Hollow/Solid Block

       400-100-200mm (4 inch)

      7 blocks in a mold

      1400 blocks per hour;  10080-11200 blocks per 8 hours  




      5 blocks in a mold

      1000 blocks per hour;  7200-8000 blocks per 8 hours        

      french hourdis


      Zig Zag Paver


      12 blocks in a mold

      2400 blocks per hour;  17280-19200 blocks per 8 hours

      S zig zag paving bricks


      Interlocking Paver


      8 blocks in a mold

      1600 blocks per hour;  11520-12800 blocks per 8 hours

      interlocking pavements


      Rectangle Paver


      14 blocks in a mold

      2800 blocks per hour;  20160-22400 blocks per 8 hours

      rectangle paver


      Square Paver


      6 blocks in a mold

      1200 blocks per hour;  8640-9600 blocks per 8 hours

      square paving bricks


      Curb Stone


      2 blocks in a mold

      400 blocks per hour;  2880-3200 blocks per 8 hours

      kerb stones

      Design of blocks, interlocking paving bricks, curbstones for reference:

      new block samples 2024.jpg

      Video show how strong fresh blocks produced by GiantLin block machine(Click photo, see video):

      Working video of QT4-18S Automatic interlock paving brick machine(Click photo, see video):

      More photos of QT4-18s automatic cement blocks bricks making machine:

      418 大搅拌机.jpg

      Customer photos(Click photo, see videos of customers):

      Click, see video

      Contract Information:

      Linyi GiantLin Machinery Co., Ltd.

      WhatsApp: +86 15269722300



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