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      Chile Customer visit our factory in Autumn of 2019. He came to China many times before, his father want to do concrete products business, so he come to China, help his father choose a good block machine. We introduce him QT4-25 automatic block machine, he saw block machine work, and operate machine himself. He is satisfied. He said GiantLin Machinery really great, because professional manufacturer give him corrrect suggestions, not only persuit profit. That is GiantLin let him give up bigger machine, start with QT4-25 block machine.

      GiantLin all types block machine video catalog (include clay brick machines and concrete block machines)

      if you are looking for block machine, but can not make sure which machine to choose, you have below choice:

      1. Whatsapp me(0086 15269722300), i will help you confirm block machine suitable for you soon

      2. Visit our website:

      3. Mail to me, ask for catalogue. (Email:

      4. Look this general block machines video catalogue, follow video description video links, see different machines video catalogues, those links will guide you to choose a suitable block machine for you.

      Video Catalogue of all brick machines in Youtube playlist:

      Online catalogue for GiantLin block machines download from Google Skydrive:

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